Chris Wilson at the Caravan Music Club 01/09/12

with Shannon Bourne, Heather Stewart, Sarah Carroll, Fenn & George Wilson
Caravan Music Club, Saturday 1st September 2012

It had been a while since I had seen Chris Wilson do a full show, he did do one song down at the Queenscliff Music Festival last year, but that does not really count.

I have enjoyed listening to the Live at the Continental CD in previous years, so I was looking forward to this show as there have been a couple of people record at the Caravan Music Club in the past, but I had not heard the outcome of it before.

The first set was Chris Wilson and Shannon Bourne playing together like their old gigs at the Marquis of Lorne from quite a while ago now.

The second set had two extra guest performers and even George and Fenn on drums for one song each.

It was a good show and people did get up to dance during some songs. The audience was a bit more rowdy than usual, I had forgotten the wider audience that comes to see the blues gigs.


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