Citadel Records 30th Anniversary

with The DomNicks, Deniz Tek, Penny Ikinger
Caravan Music Club, Friday 26th October 2012

I had heard something about this, but didn't know much about the bands except for Penny Ikinger was playing and Deniz Tek was in one of the bands.

As it turned out, Penny Ikinger was just as loud as I remember her and I could hear her perfectly well even sitting in the dining room.

Deniz Tek's band seemed to play mainly new songs with a fewer older ones. None that I could recognise from Radio Birdman at least.

The DomNicks mainly seem to play over in Perth, so I hadn't seen them before. I thought they went very well and even managed to get a few people dancing towards the end.

It was a good night and I will be mainly at the Caravan towards the end of the year due to not working for a while.


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