Clip Clop Club at the Caravan Music Club 14/10/12

Caravan Music Club, Sunday 14th October 2012

I had been a busy few days, I wasn't sure how long I was going to last at this gig as I seemed to be dozing off every time I sat down.

There seemed to be a heap of people, quite a few of them tried to skive a free gig by sitting the beer garden and watching through the door, they still had enough money to buy drinks at the bar. Foiled by locking the door and telling everyone to come inside.

Supposedly this was meant to be the Clip Clop Club's "last" gig for a while, I will believe that when John Farhnam makes his actual last tour.

I do need to have more Sundays off as even though I do have a lie down during the day on Saturday, I can't really do it during the week or I will not sleep properly. There's nothing worse than going all the way out to a gig only to find I can't stay there.


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