Reclink Community Cup 2012

2012 Reclink Commmunity Cup
with Blue Ruin, Boomgates, Bunny Monroe, Drunk Mums
Elsternwick Park, Sunday 24th June 2012

Final Score:
Megahertz 4 11 (35)
Rockdogs 5 5 (35)

I had been to the Community Cup in Sydney earlier in the year, but I was still looking forward to this one as usual and it does seem to come around quicker each year.

This year I go to go to the final Rockdogs training session as well as the combined training session and had heard that the Megahertz had been training all year for the match. Not sure how well that worked out as it is meant to be a charity day and people were running at each other a lot harder this year. Michael Cini's arm was broken in the first minute and at least one player only went on the ground once as it was too scary.

I did enjoy the first couple of bands including Drunk Mums and Bunny Monroe even if the crowd was a bit thin, unfortunately the trains and trams were interrupted on the day. By the time of the match there were a lot more people.

Luckily I did get to go into the Rockdogs rooms, but I did not hang out in there the whole time. I did hear some of coach Paul Kelly's speech, which was great and talked about respecting the other players and even mentioned Elvis.

Sorry to anyone I missed seeing as it is a big social day and at one point I had three people saying hello to me at the same time from different places in the crowd.

As usual I stayed on the sidelines near the Rockdogs bench, as it was too hard to go through the crowd. Cheers to Peter, Lyn and Mary from the Caravan Music Club who made it on the day and also gave me a lift home after the game.

At half time I saw the start of Boomgates and went for a walk around the ground, where I also got to say hello to more people and take more photos of dogs (lots more this year), I even got to meet the famous "Boo" puppy and didn't know it at the time.

Yes, the last goal that was denied was dodgy, but if you saw the amount of bad decisions at the Sydney match you wouldn't complain as much. The teams just wandered off after the match and no one would take the cup. The result should not be as important as the spirit of the day and raising money for charity.

After the match I was pretty tired so I did get to see the start of Blue Ruin, but didn't end up staying for the rest of their set. I did get to go to Big Boy BBQ afterwards and saw some people I knew there, it was a good end to a great day.


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