DC3 First Anniversary Gig

with ROOT!, Olive Grey, This Choir Is On Fire, Asher Treleaven, The Bedroom Philosopher
Regal Ballroom, Friday 3rd February 2012

I had purchased the ticket for this gig ages ago and forgotten about it, so it sort of snuck up on me in the end. Also I ended up running late
as the last gig at the Northcote Social Club I ended up there too early and had to walk up and down High St.

Due to having something else on at the time I had missed ROOT!s final gig back in 2010. I never saw the reason why they needed to break up as they were going OK I thought. The DC3 were also good, but they would not play and of ROOT!s songs just as ROOT won't play any TISM. They were just as good as I remember and I still could sing along with most of the songs during the set.

In the break Olive Grey did a performance of HFW and had trouble keeping it together when she got to the line about facial hair. This Choir Is On Fire sounded OK, but were not miked up properly so it was hard to hear them over the chatter.

Asher Treleaven did a reading from a Mills and Boon novel and The Bedroom Philosopher read out a "best man" speech as the them for the night was a wedding reception due to the venue function most of the time.

I thought the venue worked out well except for the tables being a bit too close to the front of the stage, which only caused problems when people wanted to dance up the front during the DC3's set. How well the venue does depends on how well the shows sell as there are a lot of staff doing table service and front of house there. Not for me to say how it will go. Depends on what shows are on there as to whether I can make it across town that much.

The DC3 finished the night off well and had a lot of people up the front dancing and singing along. Some builders appeared at the back of the stage and put together a giant toilet roll holder with 50 rolls of toilet paper unrolled on it, as usual the band walked straight off stage without cleaning up afterwards.


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