Dave Warner at the Oakleigh Bowling Club 10/03/12

with Paul Madigan
as part of the Carnival of Suburbia
Oakleigh Bowling Club, Saturday 10th March 2012

I was looking forward to this gig and even though the Celibate Rifles were playing up the road, I decided to just stick with the one gig on this night and even ended up sitting down on a table for once.

Paul Madigan was first up and it was interesting to see him as I had only heard of him and wasn't listening to RRR back when he was on it.

Dave Warner was joined by Tony Durant and Greg Macanish and quite a few people in the audience who had been to his original gigs when he was playing originally. Some people even stayed locally just to come to this gig.

As I had never actually seen him myself (a friend at uni gave me a tape of "Mugs Game" and challenged me to find out who it was), it was good to finally see him and the best parts of the show were actually some of the spoken word sections, the one about the Australia II certainly got the best reaction. The poster for this gig was also one of the most popular for the festival as even the ones up on the wall ended up being sold by later in the week.

I am not sure when Dave Warner will be back, but it will be well worth going to seeing him when he does and hopefully more people will get to see him.


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