The Dingoes at the Caravan Music Club 30/12/12

with Steve Hoy and Ross Hanaford
Caravan Music Club, Sunday 30th December 2012

I had missed the show the night before due to going to see Giraffe Party, but had heard it went well. Due to both shows selling out, there was one more show in the evening on the Sunday.

Support for the day was Steve Hoy and Ross Hannaford, who I got to say hello to before the show. I will have to go see a show with him and the Critters in the future as I keep missing it.

I thought more people would get up and dance, but everyone seemed to be happy enough to sit down and drink and also watch from the beer garden.

It was a great show and it would be a shame if this really was there last show. They said that in 2010 and there was one more show in 2011, so we will have to see.


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