Dr Sketchys with Bijou Lala 04/11/12

Toff in Town, Sunday 4th November 2012

I was originally going to see Jack White and the Sideshow Brides at the Caravan Music Club, but Mel asked me to come to Dr Sketchys as I had missed three months in a row due to the Community Cup, Wash Winters Willies Away with Whiskey and the Melbourne Writers Festival.

It was good to be back again and I even had Lyn come with me this time and Mel sat down at the start to have a chat.

Bijou Lala did a great routine as an express post package and I enjoyed her poses throughout the day and costume change.

Luckily I did not go any where afterwards as I was nodding off on the tram on the way home. Unfortunately, I will be away during the next Dr Sketchy's, but will try to make it back next year.


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