Dust Radio Band at the Caravan Music Club 04/03/12

Russian Doll CD launch
with Suzannah Espie and Ian Collard
Caravan Music Club, Sunday 4th March 2012

I had missed Suzannah playing with the Backsliders the other week so I wanted to come to this gig. Also I had not see the Dust Radio Band before and only learned later that they had been down to Melbourne several times.

Suzannah played some old favourites and some of her new songs with special guests Roy Payne and Jeremy Edwards. I am looking forward to Suzannah's new CD out in September already.

There were more people than I thought would make it for the Dust Radio Band including Paulie and Dave from the Detonators and also Aneta who I got to talk to after the gig.

I thought the Dust Radio Band was great and I would have bought a CD if I had the money. Julianne is an excellent singer and I got to say hello to her after the show. Also Ian Collard and Suzannah joined the band for a few songs. I will try to see the Dust Radio Band when they come down next time from now on.


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