Eilen Jewell and band at the Caravan Music Club 25/03/12

with Sweet Jean
Caravan Music Club, Sunday 25th March 2012

I was always going to make it to this gig and even cancelled everything else on the same weekend so I would make it.

Opening for the night were Sweet Jean and were just as good as before. I watched their new video for "Shiver and Shake" filmed at the Brothers Grimm theme park in Anakie and enjoyed it.

As it was Eilen Jewell's last show in Melbourne for the tour she said she was feeling festive and ended up doing a lot of songs that she had not done before. I liked the story about the reviewer describing "tiny Jewell; shaking her fist", to which her reply was "come up close and see how big it is".

The show was excellent and over too soon even with the encore. I don't know if they had any more songs to play, but hopefully Eilen Jewell will come out next time with her gospel band the Sacred Shakers. It was also great to meet her after the show and I even lined up twice to get her to sign my CD and bought the Sacred Shakers CD and a poster so I could talk to her again. Thanks to Richard and Julie for giving me a lift home and I am looking forward to going to the Caravan in the future.


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