Eucalypso at the Caravan Music Club 10/02/12

with the Junes
Caravan Music Club, Friday 10th February 2012

I was looking forward to seeing the Junes again as the last time they played a gig in Melbourne I was sick and had to go home after the first set. Also Gleny had a new band that was going to be playing its first shows down in Melbourne.

What I did not know is that Gleny and the band had played a gig in Newcastle the night before and driven straight down to Melbourne afterwards. Due to Friday night peak hour traffic and getting lost the band arrived after I did so the sound check went a bit later. It was alright as there weren't many people there at that stage.

The Junes played well and I was glad to have seen them play a gig this year.

Even though there weren't as many people as some gigs I have been to at the venue, most of the audience got up to dance during Eucalypso's set, which is the main idea Gleny had behind the new band as she wanted more people to dance while she was playing.

I enjoyed the night and hopefully the Junes had a good gig at the Yarraville festival and Eucalyspo had good gigs at the winery and the Lomond later in the weekend.


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