Exile on Main St 40th Anniversary Show

with Nick Barker, Dave Larkin, Pat Carmody, Ash Naylor, Spencer P Jones, The Wolfgramm Sisters, Matt Sonic, Helen Yotis
Exile Band: Jack Howard, Ben Marsland, Carl Treasure, James Black, Ryan Brown, Ben Curnow, Simon Aarons, Jorge Balaas
Caravan Music Club, Saturday 28th July 2012

I had heard of this show at the Cherry Bar, but had missed it so I was looking forward to this show even though there was a lot on that night.

There were quite a few singers on the night, but I enjoyed Nick Barker and Dave Larkin the most as they seemed to get into it more. The Wolfgramm Sisters even did a special performance with Helen Yotis filling in for Kelly.

I was surprised at the number of new people at the venue and who also seemed to be locals as it was a different crowd to people who come to a lot of other gigs there.

Everyone was up dancing near the front so I was lucky enough to get more photos than I would usually. I was tired at the start of the night, but I was still glad that I made it to this show.



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