Giraffe Party performs Josh Rouse's 1972

with Fred Negro, Johnny Down the Pint, Les Russell, Fiona Lee Maynard, Stefan Berg, Richard
as part of Pure Pop Record's Summer Classic Albums Series
Pure Pop Records, Saturday 29th December 2012

I bought all the tickets for the Classic Records show at the same time apart from two of them that I bought the week after. Coincidentally, a few of the shows seem to be grouped around the same time with two in December, three in January and the final three in February.

I was also looking forward to this as it is a long time since I saw Fred and Johnny sing together as it is too late usually when they sing at the Pint karaoke. This was Fred's second choice of album as Pet Sounds needed four other singers. I was surprised that I knew quite a few of the songs as I don't have the CD myself, must have heard them around the place.

It was also great to see Alicia, John and Jackie made it also as it was on my birthday a couple of years ago when we were all last together.

I was happy that the show ended up selling out as I was not sure how it would go. I thought the performance was great and it would be a shame if the band did not have another performance in the future.

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