Gram Parsons Tribute at the Caravan Music Club 15/09/12

with Suzannah Espie, Van and Cal Walker, Sherry Rich, Tracy McNeil, Luke Sinclair, Jeb Cardwell, Brooke Penrose, Fraser A. Gorman, Sweet Jean, Michael Hubbard, Sean McMahon, Steve Clifford, Alison Ferrier and backing band Matt Green, Garret Costigan, Brendan McMahon, Grant Cummerford, Roger Bergodaz
Caravan Music Club, Saturday 15th September 2012

I had been to see Jordie Lane in Grievous Angel with some friends, but was interested in going to see this show as it had most of his musical peers, while Jordie himself is touring in the USA at the moment and was not available.

Thanks to Van who asked if I wanted to come sit in the band room as I usually end up sitting by myself in the hall waiting for the doors to open. It was good to see Cal again also.

The Saturday Night Fish Fry show was on at the Flying Saucer Club on the same night, but I decided to come to this as I knew more people in it.

It turned out to be a great show, even though there were not as many people as some of the other tribute nights. It was also more relaxed and some of the spots were filled by other performers due to people being sick.

I am not sure if I will be going to many gigs apart from the Caravan Music Club and Basement Discs for a while, I am happy enough to do that at the moment as there is a lot coming up in the next few months.


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