Grand Final Eve Pie Night 2012

with Ian Bland, Johnny Von Goes, Ash Davies, Dale Lindrea, Rebecca Barnard, Billy and Bella Miller, Jack Howard, Charles Jenkins, Simon Madden, Paulie Stewart, Dave Pace
Caravan Music Club, Friday 28th September 2012

There was even more than usual on Grand Final Eve this year with Clairy Browne and the Bangin' Rackettes playing at the Flying Saucer Club on the same night. I had already committed to this gig months ago and wasn't going to change it. Have not been in the CBD for the night for many years and would like to keep it that way. I have not even watched the last three AFL Grand Finals so this is as close to the game as I get on the weekend.

As Mark Ferrie was away it wasn't the full line up in the JVG Guitar Method, but having Billy Miller, Jack Howard and Rebecca Barnard made up for it.

Ian Bland opened the night with one his always excellent poems and even got to do a song for a change later in the night.

Charles Jenkins also played a couple of songs and the night was handled differently than previous years, as there were no actual football team theme songs, more songs that were appropriate to each team. Greg Champion had already done the more traditional footy night the week before.

Simon Madden went well as he already plays in a band fairly regularly and I even noticed he had a radio mike on his guitar similar to Bog Log III. He did a couple of songs and came back at the end and I did get to say hello to him.

Paulie Stewart and Dave Pace did a couple of Painters and Dockers songs including the boy who lost his jocks on Flinders St Station. Paulie gave JVG a big smooch, which was funny.

Rebecca Barnard did not repeat her Sharpie dancing from last year, but did a lovely version of Swan Lake with a feather boa.

It was a great night and I even got to hang out in the band room before and after the show, which I don't usually do unless I really know the performers. I am looking forward to RRR BBQ Day in December already.


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