Graveyard Train at the Caravan Music Club 10/08/12

with Chris Russell's Chicken Walk
Caravan Music Club, Friday 10th August 2012

I had last seen Graveyard Train at Basement Discs a couple of months ago, so it was good to see them again doing a full show this time.

Chris Russell's Chicken Walk also played as well as they did when Benny and the Fly by Niters played, only they missed the drumstick throw this time.

Graveyard Train has been touring with their new album, so it was good to see them back out at the Caravan again. There were lots of people dancing this time and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

It was funny when they started as the band seemed to be a bit under the weather, they soon warmed up though and played a great gig. I will try to go see them next time they play.


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