Ian Bland "Angel in Reverse" CD Launch at the Caravan Music Club 10/11/12

with the Lamington Drive Orchestra, Angie Hart
Caravan Music Club, Saturday 10th November 2012

Even though it had been a big night the previous night, I had promised Ian I was coming weeks ago so I did not want to miss it.

There was still a good crowd for the launch and it was good to see Ian and band up on stage as I had to go home early the last time they played at the Lomond.

Angie Hart opened the night and even read out a poem about her experience replacing Ian as the poet on JVG's show.

I had heard a few of the songs off the album, but hadn't heard the full album as yet, so it was good to hear it. They also played a few off the older album and some different songs for the encore.

I will try to get Ian's album when I get some work finally as I still do not have the album he released in 2008.


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