JVG Guitar Method at the Winnebago Lounge17/11/12

with MC Brian Nankervis
Caravan Music Club, Winnebago Lounge, Saturday 17th November 2012

I had heard that this gig had not been selling as well as hoped, but was still going to come as I had a couple of days off for my birthday and hadn't been to see JVG Guitar Method play a gig by themselves for a while. I wasn't that surprised to hear about the gig being moved to the front of the venue, but was to hear it being given a lot of promotion by Brian Wise on Off the Record, which is probably why so many people ended up coming.

The gig itself was in the space that is usually the band room, now dubbed the Winnebago Lounge and the folding doors through to the dining room were opened so more people could see the band and stand up the back. All the tables up the front were full and quite a few walk-ins turned up on the night as it was a special discounted rate of $10 for the show.

Brian Nankervis was excellent as the MC as always and even did a few poems as Raymond J Bartholomew and a song with the band at the end.

There was lots of audience interaction including Steve Carr and Ian Bland having a go playing blues guitar and Brian and JVG dancing through the crowd at the end.

It was a fun night and I didn't even mind having to stay a bit later than usual as I waited too long to ring for a taxi and had to get driven home.


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