Jordie Lane at the Caravan Music Club 11/02/12

with Luke Brennan Band, Sweet Jean
Caravan Music Club, Saturday 11th February 2012

I was a bit tired coming to this gig and wasn't sure if I would make it, in the end I did end up staying for the first couple of bands, but had to leave not long after Jordie started.

The Luke Brennan Band is fairly new as I have not heard of them before, I thought they went well though.

I hadn't seen Sweet Jean for a while and they now have a single out. They also had to have someone turn off their headlights on their car while they played, a first for the venue. I will try to see them again soon.

It was great to see Jordie Lane play with a full band and he was going straight from one song to the next, apart from when Matt Green broke the strings and he had to replace them. I am sure the rest of the set went well and Jordie's next trip to the USA will too.


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