Juke Join Jump 29/06/12

with Three Kings, Chris Russell's Chicken Walk, Benny and the Fly by Niters
Caravan Music Club, Friday 29th June 2012

I had a pretty busy week before with the Community Cup and two other gigs, but I decided to go to this gig as I hadn't seen Benny and the Fly by Niters for a while and had heard they played well at the venue.

The Three Kings are a new band with Ian Collard and Benny on guitar and Jason on the drums. I thought they went well and I was meant to take some head shots for them on the night, but it didn't end up doing it then for some reason.

I had only seen Chris Russell's Chicken Walk as a solo act before and it was good to see him with a drummer. They certainly got everyone up dancing and had some other tricks like the drumstick toss.

Everyone was well and truly up dancing by the time Benny and the Fly by Niters started and they could have easily moved the tables back to fit more people in. It turned out to be a great night and I had not expected so many people myself due to the weather.


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