Les Murray & Van Walker at the Drunken Poet 06/12/12

with MC Michael Crane, Anthony Doig, Fiona Baranowski, Ben John Smith, Judith Pugh, Henry Shires, Sheridan Cheek, Watanabie, Holly Muir
Drunken Poet, Thursday 6th December 2012

This was the one I had definitely been told to attend as Van Walker and Ben John Smith had also asked me along with Michael to come along.

There were two groups of poets with Les doing a reading at the end of both groups.

It was a bit different environment to where I had last seen Les, but once they sorted out the sound and lighting issues it went well.

Finishing up the night was Van Walker, who had originally told me about putting two of Les Murray's poems to music about three years ago so it was good to finally see one of them performed with Les Murray in the audience.


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