Look.Stop.Shop for Melbourne Music Week 20/11/12

with The Orbweavers at Embiggen Books/Barbariön at Sticky Institute
as part of Melbourne Music Week, Tuesday 20th November 2012

After a bit of confusion, I ended up stopping by Sticky Institute, only to find it closed and the staff coming back at 6pm who told me Barbariön would be doing their thing from 7.30pm.

Up to Embiggen Books, I was lucky enough to see the Orbweavers play for the second time in two days and listen to Marita doing a reading from a book about lead, then relating some history about the element in Melbourne. I had to rush back and catch a tram after the reading, but was glad to see them.

I was lucky to have arrived back at the Degraves St Subway when I did as the roller doors were closed behind me and the main exit to Flinders St was too. There was one exit left open which some confused commuters came down later.

Barbariön did not play this time, but each member of the band screened a music video and talked about the influence of the song on their music. There was also a feast of chicken and beer and plenty to go around as I even got asked to take a traveller.

It was good to be able to get out to this as I wasn't able to make the EG awards this time, I will try to go to Embiggen Books when I am working to go shopping.


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