Miles Simone Debut Album Launch at the Toff in Town 14/11/12

with Benezra
Toff in Town, Wednesday 14th November 2012

As I wasn't planning on going out on my birthday I decided to go out to this instead. Plus a lot of the gang who would usually go are currently over in the USA on tour so I thought it was important to support it. The venue was quite suited to this gig as it was a smaller gig and the band even decorated the stage and microphone stands to make it look more special.

I had not seen Benezra before, but for some reason he reminded one of the poets I had seen before, but maybe I was confusing him with Ezra Bix. He also did a spoken word at the end.

After hearing Miles and Simone on the radio the week before, I had been looking forward to seeing them play live and it was not a disappointment. Simone even got to punch Miles before one song as she didn't want to do a spoken word part for the song (I had thought Simone yelling at Miles was the funniest part of the radio interview.) Unfortunately, Simone's puppy Nathan could not make it, but maybe next time.


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