The Models at the Flying Saucer Club 14/12/12

with Crystal Thomas
Flying Saucer Club, Friday 14th December 2012

I had missed a lot of gigs at this venue despite it being close to where I live as the Caravan Music Club has a lot more on and I am usually asked to go there first. The one time I was asked to come, I had something else on unfortunately. Luckily there was another photographer there on the night who got some shots (Clairy Browne and the Bangin' Rackettes on Grand Final Eve.)

It was also great to see Leticia again on the door as she is the main door person for the venue and also introduces the acts.

Support for the night was Crystal Thomas, who it was good to see again after her CD launch earlier in the year.

There have been a few changes since I last went to a gig there, but I still wish they did not have tables right up near the stage as it breaks the connection with the band to the audience.

I am so used to seeing the Models Super Orchestra I thought Cal was going to be on drums and Billy Miller would be playing. Eve von Bibra sang backing vocals for the songs though and people were up dancing from the very first song. Thanks to Paul and Terry for letting me sit at their table to get some photos as they were near the front and I was concered I was in people's way at the front.

I liked that the band also played some of their newer songs and some the had not played much live and also held out on the more popular songs until the encore.

They also played on the Saturday night, but I had something on at the Caravan so could not make it. I am sure it went well.


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