Neil Hamburger at the Caravan Music Club 04/05/12

with Frank Lee Earnest and the Empty Glasses, Misfits Stunt Crew, Dr El Suavo
Caravan Music Club, Friday 4th May 2012

There was other stuff on, but I had promised Jeff that I was coming to this and it was good to come when it was a bit quieter after the big show for the Sonics the previous week.

I hadn't seen Frank Lee Earnest and the Empty glasses, so it was great to see them again even if they did get in trouble for running over.

Not really a fan of the JackAss type humour, but the audience seemed to enjoy the Misfits Stunt Crew and they did have a big climax.

Dr El Suavo went well and managed the audience that was getting a bit rowdy by the time he came on.

I didn't really take many photos of Neil Hamburger, but he was interesting and very patient considering the heckler who wouldn't shut up. Hopefully the show at the Toff in Town went a bit better as did the rest of the tour.


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