Suzuki Night Market 11/1/12

with Clairy Browne & the Bangin' Rackettes, Anna's Go-Go Academy
Queen Victoria Market, Wednesday 11th January 2012

The weather was a bit windy on the day so I didn't know if this gig was going to go ahead. I still decided to go into the city anyway and made it to the market just a few minutes before the band was due to start. Not as many people were dancing up the front as usually do, but everyone was still having dinner.

After their first set, I went to have dinner and a drink and came back in time to watch Anna's Go-Go Academy and take a few photos as I was asked to. Lots of people ended up doing the class and stayed up the front to dance for Clairy Browne's second set even though it started raining.

It was a great night and had been a while since I had seen a band at the market (the last time I went to a night market was in 2006), I will try and make it again if there is someone I know on.


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