The Orbweavers at Basement Discs 17/02/12

Basement Discs, Friday 17th February 2012

I had been looking forward to this in store performance as I missed the matinee show a couple of weeks ago.

On the way to get some money out I saw Marita waiting on the street with her instruments and amp and asked if she needed a hand (she did not as her friend was just about to arrive.)

Also on the order of the day was buying the Orbweavers new CD and the one for First Aid Kit as they had both sold out when I tried to buy them last.

It was a great performance in the store and also I got to have a talk to Marita afterwards. I am looking forward to seeing her at Stopping All Stations Except East Richmond in the future. Marita is very nice, which was great to find out as I really enjoyed the work of the band.


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