Other Side of the Rock at the Forum 08/12/12

30th Anniversary of 'Solid Rock'
with Amy Saunders, Myra Howard, Emma Donovan, Thelma Plum, Ross Hannaford, Bart Willoughby, Neil Murray, Tonchi McIntosh, Archie Roach, Mark Atkins, Stephen & Alan Pigram, Yirrmal & the Yolngu Boys
Forum Theatre, Saturday 8th December 2012

I had known about this gig for quite a few months and was looking forward to it as I had enjoyed Shane Howard's shows at the Caravan Music Club.

Appropriately, the show opened and closed with two different versions of the songs "Solid Rock" with lots of guest stars doing their own and Shane's songs throughout the course of the night.

I was surprised at the size of the crowd with the Sunnyboys and the Meredith Music Festival on the same night, but this was a big event and I was happy to be here.

While it was good to see everyone, it was especially good to see Tonchi who I haven't seen since 2009 and it has been ages since I even got an email.

Thanks for Ian and Judy for asking me to take photos and inviting me to the show. Yirrmal & the Yolngu Boys did a performance in the foyer after the show, but it was a bit crowded so I decided to leave without getting any photos of them. There was someone filming though.


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