The Ox Must Rock! Benefit

with the Patron Saints, Burn in Hell, Smoke Machine, Bittersweet Kicks with special guest John Nolan
Cherry Bar, Saturday 28th January 2012

I got quite a shock when I heard about the Ox's heart attack and subsequent quadruple-bypass and was happy to do anything I could to help out and made sure to clear out any date in the calendar that there might be a benefit on.

It was also good that the bands playing in the benefit are those who knew him well and had played with GUTstk in St Kilda in the past. Having it at Cherry was an extra benefit as it is special and there were a lot more people than I would have thought for the night before the Big Day Out. Also appreciated was the "Cherry Bon" cocktail with Jägermeister and Bunderberg ginger beer, that hit the spot.

The Patron Saints played well and were even joined for one song by Brendan Charlie. Billy Pommer Jnr also got to correct me on some of my photos from A Day By the Green 6 where I called him Billy Pommy Jnr by mistake.

I had heard part of one song by Burn in Hell last week at Pure Pop, but had missed them at the St Kilda Bowlo last time as I had to go home to bed. I thought they went well and Jack Davies did a guest spot on harmonica for one song.

Smoke Machine played great as usual, even the part with Gaylord Lovelace ending lying at my feet for some reason. It was a bit dark so I could not get some shots and didn't want to use the flash that much.

It has been quite a while since I saw the Bittersweet Kicks as sometimes happens with the bands I go to see. Like with Burn in Hell I missed them due to being too tired last time, but I was lucky enough to see them this time. I still remember seeing the band when they played their first shows at the Pint on Punt and they are still pretty much the same as I remember. They are playing venues more that suit them now though and have picked up more of a following. John Nolan joined them on stage for a few songs at the end including a Powdermonkeys song.

It was a great night and I didn't want to spoil it by hanging around too long after the bands had finished as there were already plenty of people there by that stage. Funnily enough I ran into three people from the same gig on the way home not long after I left. I don't know how much was raised, but hopefully it was enough and Ox gets well soon


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