Painters and Dockers at the Caravan Music Club 20/02/12

Live cross to Adam Hills' in Gordon St Tonight
Caravan Music Club, Monday 20th February 2012

This was a short notice gig and I knew it was to be taped for a TV show, but didn't know which one at the time.

Arriving at the venue seeing the satellite dish with the ABC logo, it was pretty easy to work out which show it was for, even before I saw Dave O'Neil waiting up the back of the venue.

The show would have already gone to air by the time you read this so I can say it was a set-up for a stunt on Adam Hills in Gordon St Tonight where one of the audience members used to sneak out to play trombone with the Painters and Dockers, so they got his mum to sing with the band. After the cross-over they rushed the audience member to the venue to play the last song.

This actually went for longer than I thought it would. The band played some warm-up songs, then the one for the live cross and then some while waiting for the audience member to arrive. Most of the audience who turned up were fans of the bands from the old days or regulars from the Caravan Music Club so it was a good vibe.

Best of all was that Paulie Stewart was happy enough having the band back together to suggest they might try to have another gig in the near future, which is something to look forward to.


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