Paradise Anthology Launch 2012

with MC Brian Nankervis, Rebecca Barnard, Trish Anderson and Michael Crane, Blackeyed Susans Trio
as part of the 2012 St Kilda Festival
St Kilda Town Hall, Sunday 5th February 2012

I had known about this for months and had been paying attention to the advertising on RRR so I was looking forward to this gig and to seeing Trish as I hadn't seen her since last year's launch.

As with this year's anthology the focus was on music with Brian Nankervis even doing a music trivia round near the end of the day.

Rebecca Barnard and her partner Michael did a few songs to open the proceedings and were well received.

Michael and Trish only did the one song, but it was good to see them do it.

In the break Brian got quite a few of the audience to go out the front of the town hall and feel the cool change. Also there were quite a few audience participation sections between the main acts.

I hadn't seen the Blackeyed Susans since last year, so it was good to see them again and they definitely played to more people than the last time they were in St Kilda.

After the show I was very tired so I had to go home straight to bed. Not sure if I will be able to get to a lot of them, but there are a series of shows coming up at the Butterfly Club on Sunday afternoons during February and March with some famous names and new talent.


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