Popboomerang 10th Birthday

with Tim Reid, The Killjoys, Skipping Girl Vinegar, The Bon Scotts, Celadore, Deserters, The Solomons, Go-Go Sapien
MC Andrew McClelland
The Tote, Sunday 18th November 2012

I had supported the Pozible project to release a compilation CD for the 10th anniversary of the label, so I had been looking forward to this gig for quite a while.

While I knew some of the bands, it was good to see the other ones live for the first time and it was a good atmosphere on the day.

I arrived before the doors opened and saw every band on the day, except for half an hour when I went down the street to get dinner so I missed some of Celadore.

I did end up talking to the lead singer from Skipping Girl Vinegar and even talking about their Christmas gig in Drouin (I could not make it this year unfortunately.)

Even though it was a long day, I was glad to have stayed for the whole thing and I even got to catch up with Acey down from NSW for the weekend. I even made it up early the next morning to go into the city for the Morning Ritual gig at 9am


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