Pure Pop Cup 2011 Presentation Night

Pure Pop Records, Tuesday 17th January 2011

Pure Pop Cup - Slade
Queen Of Pop - Tamara
Monarch Of Music - Whitey
All Weather Warrior - Natalie
Sid & Nancy Award - Eamon & Joanne
Character of the Courtyard - Bernie
Titan of Toasties - Dave
Family That Pops Together - The Graupner family
Lifetime Achievement in Production Design - Zak

I was surprised to get an invite for the top 49 Pure Pop punters on the mailing list for the end of year party, but was happy to go any way as I thought it would be good to get photos for the store.

I had tried to go in every couple of weeks last year or when I could make it and always bought a drink at least, so it does add up even if you do not think it does.

It was meant to be formal, but it was also stinking hot and all my best clothes were already dirty. I wasn't planning on being in any photos myself so I just tried to look not so scruffy.

As Dave said, I did know a lot of people from coming to Pure Pop even if I didn't remember their names. I sure knew them a lot more by the end of the night at least, which was great.

MC for the night was Leapin' Larry L and special guest presenters included Max Crawdaddy, Patrick Donovan and Charles Jenkins.

I stayed until the main awards were given out, but I am sure everyone else had fun afterwards and I even ended up finding part of Tamara's trophy a couple of days later when I was doing my washing (she dropped it and it broke.)


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