Queenscliff Music Festival 2012 - Friday

Loon Lake, The DC3, Tom Richardson Project, Howlin' Steam Train, TZU, Baby Animals, Jackson Firebird, DJ Emma Peel
Friday 23rd November

My Queenscliff experience started one day early this year as the plan was to go down to a friend's place in Frankston and then get the ferry over from Sorrento the next day. Unfortunately, the accommodation my friend was offered fell through at the last minute, but my friend was good enough to drive me down to the ferry and buy me a return ticket. I did offer my spare camping ticket and it turned out I did have a double bed to myself, but unfortunately my friend was also sick the entire weekend so didn't make it. It was good to have dinner at a place overlooking the beach in Frankston and watch the sun go down on Thursday night though, I did not think to take my camera though.

Thanks to Cal and Tracy I was lucky enough to get somewhere to stay just across the road from the festival site. I have seen them down at the festival before, but it was only the second time I have stayed in the town even when I was working I caught the bus.

The layout had changed quite a bit this year and was the cause of some frustration for me as I just gave up trying to get into some of the venues if there was a logjam at the door as often it looked crowded, but everyone inside was sitting or lying on the ground and taking up the most area possible. Strangely enough on the licensed side of the venues people stood up. I am not sure why they went back to using circus tents of made the stages so narrow and low this year as even security was having a hard time accessing them. The pit for the Lighthouse stage on the first night was a joke, not even security could fit in there and it was the reason I did not get to see the Cat Empire on the first night as it was just too hard.

The first band I saw at the festival was Loon Lake on the Lighthouse stage, which was strange as I usually go to the Hippos stage first but I am not sure who was on then.

The DC3 were a natural choice for the next act and I enjoyed Damain's spoken word about the bands playing at the festival. I was not able to see them again over the weekend and so was glad to see them up first.

I ended up in the Pelican Bar in time to see the last few songs of the Tom Richardson Project with an enthusiastic crowd and decided to stay and see Howlin' Steam Train as I had heard about them around town, but not seen them as yet. I thought they played well and I decided to try and see them again over the weekend.

Thanks to Clare I managed to get side of stage access to take some photos of TZU. I hadn't seen them before and they had quite a big crowd so I was glad I didn't have to try and get through the crowd to them. I also got to talk to a woman in the VIP area about some good acts to see during the festival, but I forgot your name sorry.

I did go to see the start of Baby Animals, but the stage at Hippos was too narrow and I ended up having to shoot over the top of the speaker and so ended up leaving early after the first few songs.

I was lucky enough to see the last few songs of Jackson Firebird and the encore as they weren't playing again for the weekend and also ran into Sarah enjoying their set.

It was too hard to even get near the tent when the Cat Empire was playing, so I just went and waited for Emma Peel's DJ set to start and said hello to her and Danny. I did end up going to bed not long after, but did get up to have a chat with Cal after he got back from the festival site later.


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