Queenscliff Music Festival 2012 - Saturday

Kira Puru and the Bruise, Bee Gees Tribute Showcase, Izzy Losi, Cat Sanzaro, Lily & King, Howlin' Steam Train, Sweethearts, The Tiny Giants, Clairy Browne and the Bangin' Rackettes, King Cannons, You Am I
Saturday 24th November

Probably didn't need to get up early since I could just walk across the road to the festival. It was good to be able to say hello to the Dancing Goat Coffee stall like previous years and I got to see the first few songs of Kira Puru and the Bruise before going to the Bee Gees Showcase.

I stay for the first couple of songs, but it was awkward as everyone was sitting down and I couldn't find a spot to take photos without being in someone's way. When the security also motioned me to sit down I decided it was best to leave.

It turned out for the best as I had not seen Cat Sanzaro for a couple of years and wanted to see her again. Most of her group the Violet Ivys played at a session up at Stoked on Hesse where festival scholarship winner Izzy Losi shared half of a set with Cat Sanzaro. They have been playing in Melbourne, but I have not seen them so far.

As they were recommended to me by the woman I met the night before, I decided to go see Lily and King on the QMF Express on the way up. I thought they went well and the toddler in the front row didn't even cry when he looked like he might.

On the way back I was lucky enough to get into carriage D to see Howlin' Steam Train where most people sat down this year due to the heat. The band had already been up and back a few times so they knew to sit down when the train was moving. I heard that things picked up a bit later with moshing and crowd surfing in the carriage.

Wanting to get out of the heat I decided to go up to the Vue Grand and see a full set of Kira Puru and the Bruise. I thought they went well in the space, although some unexpected discordance in some of the songs made some people leave early (that was the best part.) On the way out I ran into Zane Lynd with Jordie Lane's band who asked me to stay, but I wanted to get a good spot for Sweethearts so I promised to go see them the next day.

It was very sweaty in the Hippos tent, but I wanted be up the front for Sweethearts after enjoying them the past few years. They ended up getting quite a good crowd in for their set and I am looking forward to seeing what they do in the future.

I had been invited to a BBQ where I was staying and thought it would be good to have a break also. There were bands on at the same time, but it would have been too hard to see them with all the people and get dinner. I wish I could've had a swim during the day, but I did not bring down enough clothes to change into.

Sarah had told me to come see George's band the Tiny Giants playing in the Foot in the Door contest and a lot of their friends made it also.

Cheers to Peter and Mary who came down for the day to the festival and to Peter for buying me a drink. I did try and get up the front early to get a good spot for Clairy Browne, but still ended up behind the speaker due to people pushing in. It was good to see them again after their recent trip to the USA and playing up at the Mullum Mullum festival two days before. I ended up going up the back after the first few songs and watching from there.

I had missed King Cannons playing earlier in the day, so I was glad to be able to see them play before You Am I. I wish they had turned the lights on properly in the tent, it was hard to see or take photos.

I was surprised to see all the photographers pile into the pit before You Am I, I swear I had not seen 95% of them during the rest of the festival. It's not like it is Meredith with just the one stage. No matter, it was great to see You Am I playing live again and I did not mind being kicked out the pit after the first few songs, just watched them on the screen in the VIP lounge with some alcoholic slushies.

It was impossible to get in the tent for King Gizzard and the Lizzard Wizard so I just went back over the road to bed.


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