Queenscliff Music Festival 2012 - Sunday

Ruby Boots, Tides of Welcome Choir with Tiffany Eckhart, Dave Steel, Chris Wilson and Sarah Carroll, Wayne Jury, Jordie Lane, Butterfly Boucher, Pinky Beecroft & the White Russians
Sunday 25th November

I'm definitely feeling the effects of the weekend by Sunday morning when my alarm goes off at 9am. I am never up this early usually. Turns out I need not have bothered as it was almost 45 minutes waiting at the gates for the site to be clear of vehicles this morning (the security on the gate as particularly pumped to have seen Diesel and Shannon Noll the previous night), as people threw cans and rubbish all over the place last night. I swear I even saw a buck's turn at the festival.

My concern of not hearing from my friend was also relieved during the day as I finally got in touch and found he had been in bed sick and not answering the phone. Lucky for me as I was making plans to get the bus back to Geelong that night instead of taking the ferry.

Even though the Tides of Welcome Choir were starting early, I still wanted to see a bit of Ruby Boots set, it was good to see them again after their show at the Caravan Music Club.

The Tides of Welcome set was an all star affair with Chris and Sarah doing some songs as well as Tiffany Eckhart and Dave Steel. I had missed them at Stoked on Hesse the day before, so it was good to see them play on one of the main stages instead.

Not wanting to run around too much on the Sunday and one of the acts had been recommended to me I decided to see two different acts in the Vue Grand. I arrived a bit late to get a chair for Ruby Boots, so I ended up seated just in front of the stage. It was still good to see them do a full set though.

Butterfly Boucher had been recommended to me and it turns out she is Missy Higgins bass player and has an even more devoted following, it was good to see someone different than I would usually see.

As I was going to get the ferry to Sorrento at 5pm, I had time for one more band which turned out to be Pinky Beecroft & the White Russians. They were in the middle of "Pussy Town" when I arrived back from the Vue Grand and they even had dancers. (The week after their show I found out one of the Go-Go Dancers was also their publicist, it's a small world.) Pinky Beecroft promised the audience they would finish "in time to see Missy Higgins" but I was not concerned. It was a good end to the festival for me at least.

It was a bit more windy getting the ferry back and I somehow managed to scratch the back of my ankle on the stairs when getting off the ferry, ouch! Thanks to Cal and Tracy for letting me share their accommodation with Tracy's parents and their sons who never left the Xbox all weekend. Also big thanks to Michael for driving me down to the ferry and back and letting me stay at his place on the Thursday night, I hope you can make it next year.

Sarah Carroll

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