RRR BBQ Day 2012

with JVG, Melbourne BBQ Orchestra (Dan Warner, Matt Earl, Nathan Farrelly, Adam Simmons, Ed Bates, Marcel Borrack, Bruce Haymes), Pete Ewing, Horse and Wes Harrington, Steve Pinkerton, The Rebelles, Fraser A Gorman, Jess McGuire, Ben Birchall, Sarah Carroll, Mikelangelo, Cash Savage, Kerri Simpson, Casey Bennetto, Suzannah Espie, Gleny Rae Virus, Dr Pump, Tim Rogers, Stew Farrell
Ceres Environmental Park, Sunday 2nd December 2011

Song list:
Mixed up and shook up grill - Dan Warner
Tomorrow Wendy - Pete Ewing
Poem - Ian Bland
Standing in the Doorway - Horse and Wes
Let me roll in it - Steve Pinkerton
Lunch on the patio - The Rebelles
Chicken Stick - JVG
Mild Sauces - Fraser Gorman
Grill, You'll me a warming soon - Jess McGuire & Ben Birchall
I got roo babe - Marcel Borrack and Sarah Carroll
Bird on the fire - Mikelangelo
Instant Parma - Cash Savage
It's Rover - Kerri Simpson
Working on the lamb - Casey Bennetto
Frying - Suzannah Espie
Funky Sausage - JVG
Run on the grill - Kerri Simpson
Grilling meat softy - Dr Pump
Shout me a chop - Dr Pump
The Chargrilled Man - Dr Pump
Ribeye got burned - Tim Rogers
I wanna rock'n'roll all night - Dan Warner

Always the official start to summer in Melbourne for me, I have been busier than usual this year as I thought I would have a rest between the Queenscliff Music Festival and the day, but it was not to be this year. I wish I was working so I could go to work and have a rest.

I have worked out the exact day of RRR BBQ day up to an including 2019 so I can mark it in my diary first each year and next year's will have a hard time to beat this year.

The closest thing I could compare it to during the year would be the ASRC fundraiser during the comedy festival, so it was appropriate Casey Bennetto ended up on the bill this year.

I also liked Dan Warner voicing his disgust at JVG during the Funky Sausage as I remember JVG himself saying that he did the definitive version last year. At least "Barbequein'" is having an extended break. There are some other songs it would be nice to hear, but it is good to hear some new stuff every year and not have to fall back on old favourites each time.

Special mention must go to the extra viewing space at Ceres Environmental Park right next to the stage due to the draining of the wetlands and reclaiming of the space (a new system was installed), quite a few people sat over in the space made available and the crowd seemed to grow rather quickly with a lot more people early on compared to previous years.

It was great to see the Rebelles get to do a song and also have the Junes plus Kerri Simpson doing backing vocals for most of the songs. It was Gleny Rae's first BBQ Day and I hope she can make it down next year.

Cheers to all the dancers including Mikelangelo, Casey Bennetto and Gleny Rae and a lot of the other people who got up for the earlier songs. Everyone was dancing by the end though.

I heard some people saying that it was the "best ever" BBQ day, as someone who has been to all of them I would say it was up there as one of the best. It was good to have Tim Rogers do a song and the band seemed to be right on it this year.

There was some consternation as to what gig I would be going to afterwards, I had already made up my mind to go see Dan Warner at the Lomond after missing it last year. Even when a gig by the Junes did present itself, I wasn't sure how long I was going to last any way as I had trouble getting to sleep last night for some reason.


Dan Warner and band
Lomond Hotel, Sunday 2nd December

I had missed this gig last year to go see The Spazzys/Mach Pelican/Guitar Wolf and wanted to go see it even for just the first set. It was too far to walk to the Union Hotel Brunswick any way.

I had already promised Cal I was going to this gig last week when I was down in Queenscliff also.

The Lomond filled up pretty quickly due to a lot more people at BBQ Day this year so I did not get a table seat this time. I was lucky enough to get a chair at least.

I at least got to see one set and was happy enough with that and to have dinner and frozen yoghurt in the city. I was also glad to have gone to this gig as I am going to miss Dan and Al this year as I want to be able to get home to my parents in time for Christmas and it is too hard to get a train on Christmas Eve (it is hard enough on the 23rd.)

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