Raise the Roof - Pure Pop Records Benefit

with MC Ryan Coffey, Chris Russell's Chicken Walk, Hamish Cowan, The Twoks, Henry Wagons, Archer, Alex Lashlie, Roesy, Paul Kelly, Pony Face, Davey Lane, Underground Lovers, Charles Jenkins, Ron Peno and Cam Butler, Stonefield, the Dark Lords
Prince Bandroom, Friday 11th May 2012

Due to there being a lot of acts on this night I will talk more about the highlights of the night and the way it went rather than each individual act.

It was very different having it on a Friday night for a start, the last event was on a Sunday afternoon and was slow to start even with Tim Rogers playing in one of the first slots. Also there were not really any walk ups on the night due to all the flood benefits in the week before. I sae a heap of people I knew at this gig including a lot of the Pure Pop regulars. Cheers to Eamon and Joanne for buying me some drinks after I gave him some of my Tim Rogers photos for use in his artwork.

The Twoks were really good and I will have to try and get to see them more often. Fred Negro was wearing his cow jacket and wanted a photo of Xani Kolac from the band in her polka-dot onesie (Campbell got it I believe.)

I did end up getting quite a few photos of people I knew in the audience as it was also quite a bit of social event that doesn't really happen that often in St Kilda these days apart from once or twice a year.

Even though there were a lot of people playing, most of them only had three songs, including Paul Kelly who played in the middle of the bands and Henry Wagons who played earlier in the night.

Pony Face played well and I had a couple of people tell me that they would go to see them again in the future.

I hadn't seen the Underground Lovers play live before and I thought they went well and hopefully will be doing a few more gigs now they are back.

I missed seeing Stonefield at the Queenscliff Music Festival last year, so I was looking forward to seeing them play. I did enjoy the start of their set, but unfortunately it got a bit rough for me towards the end so I had to go up the back. Having a bigger band like that is always a challenge as you get people who don't go to gigs that much.

It was a great night and I stayed until after Stonefield's encore and Ryan Coffey came on stage to say it was over. Didn't end up seeing the Dark Lords, rumour is they don't play gigs and have no songs, but wanted to be listed on the poster.

Hopefully there is no need for another fundraiser gig for Pure Pop in the future, but they might still have a special event for the fun of it.


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