Saloon Shaker at the Caravan Music Club 25/05/12

with Grizzly Jim Lawrie, Tracy McNeil, Saint Jude, Ruby Boots, Quarry Mountain Dead Rats, The ReChords
Caravan Music Club, Friday 25th May 2012

I hadn't been to the Caravan for a while and also was looking forward to seeing Ruby Boots and how this many people on the same bill would work at the venue.
As it turned out, it meant a late finish, but I was surprised at how many people stayed right through to the end and who arrived during the night to see some of the later bands.

It was a bit quiet when Grizzly Jim Lawrie played, but as most of the audience was the rest of the bands at this stage, they did pay attention to him.

Tracy McNeil were good to see again as I had seen her a couple of times recently. I also decided to go see her again later in the weekend when she played with Ruby Boots at the Retreat.

Saint Jude were also good to see again after seeing them at Record Store Day.

Ruby Boots were on their first trip over from Perth and I was surprised that they would share their gig with the bands that they did, hadn't seen something like that since the punk bands playing at the Pint with four on the one bill. They have some good songs and quite a few that are good to dance to.

I was surprised to see Kat Mear playing with the Quarry Mountain Dead Rats, but it turns out her partner is in the band and she does a guest spot as a fiddle player with them.

Finishing off the night were the ReChords, who finally managed to get people to dance and remarked on the different styles on show during the night even though they remarked "some of them could use a hair cut".

Hopefully Ruby Boots come back to Melbourne in the future and I will try to go see some more of the bands that played soon.


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