Shane Howard at the Caravan Music Club 23/02/12

with Ross Hannaford and Bart Willoughby
Caravan Music Club, Thursday 23rd February 2012

It doesn't seem like two years since Shane Howard played two very successful gigs at the Caravan, but there has been a lot of things on and time passes quickly.

I had been looking forward to this gig for a while and wasn't planning on going to see much else that week so I could be rested and able to enjoy the gig.

As it turned out it was a bit different to the last couple of gigs Shane played at the venue and was more relaxed. Ross Hannaford and Bart Willoughby did support and also played on a few songs with the band later in the night.

It was a great night and I am looking forward to the shows at the Carnival of Suburbia at the same venue.


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