Sherry Rich and the New Folk Heroes Dakota Avenue CD Launch 14/07/12

with Dan Brodie
Caravan Music Club, Saturday 14th July 2012

The album had been played quite a lot on RRR so I was looking forward to the launch and I was sure there would be a few people I knew there as Sherry Rich has a lot of friends from her work with the Mudcakes and the Rich Family band. Cheers to Denise and Rusty and also Sarah for letting me sit at her table.

It had been a while since I saw Dan Brodie, so it was good to have him opening. He is doing a launch for a new album coming up with someone I know singing, but I will see how I go for that.

Sherry Rich had a really good band for the night including Shane O'Mara, Doug Robinson from the DC3/ROOT and Rick Plant. I was surprised how close the songs were when performed live as compared to the album as it was recorded ten years ago and Sherry has been playing a lot of different music since then. Shane O'Mara had a good time with his solos on some songs including the sitar-guitar on one of the songs and people did applaud his guitar playing.

I didn't think people were going to, but they did eventually get up and dance to a few songs including one that was the official dance-off song to win a CD. It was a great night and hopefully the band gets to play some more in the future. I have to get the album also as I have been enjoying the songs on it.


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