The Slaughtermen at the Caravan Music Club 18/08/12

Caravan Music Club, Saturday 18th August 2012

The Slaughtermen were around a long time before I was going to see bands, but I was still looking forward to seeing them as I had heard a lot about them.

I was happy to hear Mark Ferrie and Andrew Pendleberry were involved as I didn't know they played with the band.

They also played well when I heard them on JVG's show, but I missed them at the Old Bar the week before.

It was a big night so the band played with no supports and started early, then played two sets with all the olds getting up to dance and even the blokes dancing with each other at one point. They even did two encores, which hasn't happened at a gig since Tin Pan Orange played at the venue a while ago.


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