Somebody to Love - A Tribute to the Music of Queen

2012 benefit for the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre
with MC Casey Bennetto, Scott Edgar, Geraldine Quinn, Selina Jenkins, Simon Hall, Andrew McClelland, Nilusha Dassenaike, Tina del Twiste, Ben McKenzie, Kirsty Joosten, Helen Yotis, The Twoks, Mike McLeish, Sophie Koh, Eddie Perfect, Tripod, Anyone for Tennis?, Carlos Zaid, Wes Snelling, Die Roten Punkte, Stephen Gates, Emma Donovan
Bella Union, Saturday 14th April 2012

Set list:
Play the Game
A Kind of Magic - Geraldine Quinn
Fat Bottomed Girls
Save Me - Selina Jenkins
Get Down Make Love - Simon Hall
Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Andrew McClelland and dancers
Another One Bites the Dust - Nilusha Dassenaike
My Melancohly Blues - Tina del Twiste
'39 - Ben McKenzie
Love of my Life - Kirsty Joosten and Scott Edgar
Don't Stop Me Now - Helen Yotis
Somebody to Love - The Twoks
Who Wants to Live Forever - Mike McLeish
Take My Breath Away - Sophie Koh, Eddie Perfect and Tripod
Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy - Anyone for Tennis?
Princes of the Universe - Karlis Zaid
Killer Queen - Wes Snelling
One Vision - Die Roten Punkte
Bohemian Rhapsody
I Want to Break Free - Tripod
Radio Gaga - Stephen Gates
We Will Rock You - Emma Donovan
We Are the Champions - Eddie Perfect

I was so eager to go to this show that I was officially the first person to book a ticket for it when they went on sale back in February and then had it to look forward to for two months while I had the Carnival of Suburbia and going up to Sydney for the Community Cup to get through.

As it turned out this year, I didn't really get to many other comedy festival shows this year, but this one is a priority and I have even made this one when I didn't have the money to get to anything else.

Talking to some of the audience when I arrived, there were some people who came over from Perth this year for the show and all the old favourites were back singing. I did miss not seeing Aurora Kurth and Mal Webb, but it was good they got to have a year off so I can look forward to seeing them next time.

I thought the song selection was great and the audience was ready to sing a long to most of them, culminating in the audience sing-along for "Bohemian Rhapsody" with cue-cards as they just would have ran straight over the top of whoever was brave enough to sing it anyway.

It was great to see Alex and her friends there as I at least knew some people in the audience and I had meant to go to bed early, but ended up staying up until 4am due to being pumped after the show and wanting to back-up the photos.

An excellent show and hard to see how they will top it for next year, I will look forward to going to Half Arsed Three for the rest of the year at least.


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