The Sonics at the Caravan Music Club 27/04/12

with Fearless Vampire Killers
Caravan Music Club, Friday 27th April 2012

Due to having a lot of things on last month and trying to save some money for later in the year, I wasn't able to make the Dig It Up festival during the week. I was glad to be able to make a couple of the side shows and didn't really have any expectations of the Sonics as I had not really heard of them before.

The Fearless Vampire Killers are one of the bands I have heard about playing around town, but had not had the opportunity to see until now. I thought they went well despite people not turning up until a bit later for this gig, quite unusually as I am used to people getting there early at this venue.

Everyone seemed to arrive around about the same time, I went outside for a bit and came back in and a group of people were already up the front waiting for the Sonics to start. This gig had the most people I had seen from going to other gigs around town and also more people who had their first gig at the Caravan Music Club than any other gig I had been to before.

When the Sonics finally started it was well worth the wait and they played an excellent set, even doing two encores with the drummer having to get his drumsticks back from the audience to play. I also found out I had heard the band before on the soundtrack of the French movie "On Tour". Unfortunately they weren't any CDs for sale on the night, but I thought the material off their new album sounded good and hopefully they will tour again in the future.


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