The Spazzys "Dumb is Forever" Album Launch 16/12/12

with Dusty Springclean and the Pops, The Hierophants
The Evelyn Rooftop, Sunday 16th December 2012

There had been a lot of stuff on recently, but I didn't want to miss this gig as it was also the first performance of Dusty Springclean and the Pops and I had not been to a gig at the rooftop yet.

For some reason I thought it was going to rain so I bought my jacket and not a hat and sunglasses. If I had bought them I am sure it would have pissed down (happened last week at the Lomond.)

It was great to see Dusty Springclean and the Pops. I only thought of it afterwards, but they could have giant away the giant donut from Big Lou's as a prize to the best dancer during "Cupcake", I will remember it for next time. Johnny Osmond and Connie Franceswithwolves are a great edition to the band and Dusty went great on the lead vocals and going out into the crowd.

I had not seen the Hierophants before, but I thought they went well even with the lead guitarist wearing a giant wig in some sort of Kurt Cobain parody.

It had been quite a while since the Spazzys released a new album. I have been enjoying Ally Spazzy's new band Ally Oop and keeping up with the rest of the band. It was an all ages gig so some of the younger fans even got to enjoy the band. The Spazzys are going to be doing some more shows coming up so I hope it goes well for them now all their legal problems are sorted out.


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