Stopping All Stations (Except East Richmond) 2012

with MC JVG, Ian Bland, Ben Birchall, the Orbweavers duo, Gary Adams, David Bridie, Mic Conway, Mick Thomas, Lucie Thorne, Marcel Borrack, JVG Guitar Method, Wes and Horse Harrington, Skyhooks
as part of the Carnival of Suburbia
Caravan Music Club, Thursday 8th March 2012

Song List:
Poem - Ian Bland
Watsonia - Ben Birchall
Merri - The Orbweavers duo
Lancefield - Gary Adams
Thomastown - David Bridie
Glen Waverly - Mic Conway
Grey Skies - Mick Thomas
Upfield Line - Lucie Thorne
Spotswood - The Orbweavers duo
Waverly - Marcel Borrack
Mont Albert Blues - JVG Guitar Method

Poem - Ian Bland
Punt Rd Trilogy P1 - JVG Guitar Method
P2 - JVG Guitar Method
P3 - JVG Guitar Method
Epping train to Northcote - Mick Thomas
25 Stations - David Bridie
Footscray - Gary Adams
Alamein Train - Gary Adams
Regent to Ruthven - Marcel Borrack
Luna Park's Smile is Frowning on St Kilda - Wes and Horse
Toorak Cowboy - 2 Bobs & Greg
Balwyn Calling - 2 Bobs & Greg
Lygon St - 2 Bobs & Greg
Suburban Boy - Dave Warner

North Mentone - All

This event was on the second last day of the Carnival of Suburbia and was a fitting end to the proceedings. For this year they decided to move it to the opening night as a taster for everything that was to come for the festival and it did help promote some of the acts that were coming up.

I thought the line up was great and everyone was kept guessing right up to the last week who was going to be on the bill. There couldn't have been any more people added on without the aid of a crowbar.

Ian Bland's contributions were much appreciated and he even made a reprise of the "getting to Oakleigh" spoken world with musical backing from last year to much enjoyment of the audience.

The Orbweavers got to do two songs this time and also Marita managed to end the song with Gary Adams after he walked off stage and left it going.

Ben Birchall was a special guest and did a song I hadn't heard of before, but it was still well received.

Having songs about Glen Waverly and Waverly was interesting as was Mic Conway and Marcel Borrack's performances (Henry Wagons dropped out.)

Lucie Thorne was a nice surprise and I decided to go see her with Pieta Brown the next week just from her one song on the night.

Mont Albert Blues was great and reminded me of "Mont Albert Hedge burner" by the Rock Island Linesmen who Gary Adams said I was the only one to remember.

The Punt Rd trilogy by JVG Guitar Method started off the second half after Ian's Poem and was well received.

Mick Thomas also did some good songs with Squeezebox Wally and not Under the Clocks as you would expect.

Gary Adams went well with his couple of songs and played well with the Harrington Brothers who also did a great version of their song Luna Park's Smile is Frowning on St Kilda.

It was great to have the Skyhooks play their three most famous songs (with a new singer everyone keeps asking about), but it was hard to top them so it might have been a bit better at the end.

Dave Warner was also excellent with his song and even better on the Saturday where one his spoken words pieces got the best audience reactions.

Rounding out the night was "North Mentone" with everyone on stage. It was a great night and thanks for Mark Ferrie for giving me a lift home. Next time it is on I will get a taxi a bit earlier as I ended up doing so the three nights following easily enough.


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