Suzannah Espie "Sea of Lights" Album Launch at the Caravan Music Club 02/11/12

with Charles Jenkins, Liz Stringer, Chris Altmann and Grant Cummerford
Caravan Music Club, Friday 2nd November 2012

Four years is a long time, Suzannah's CD launch at the Oakleigh Bowling Club was the first gig I went to there and at the time I said I "might" go back in the future. I know how that turned out at least and I had been looking forward to this CD launch since I heard Suzannah had finished recording her new CD last year. Wanting to spend time with little Isla before she went on tour and Chris Altmann going to live in Cananda meant the launch had to be delayed somewhat and it was worth it.

Charles Jenkins opened the night and I should try to get his CD soon as I have been holding off due to not working.

The main act was divided into two sets with a round robin of Chris and Liz's songs and the second set of Suzannah's songs off her new album. Unfortunately, Suzannah was a bit sick so they had to finish early, it was mean for that person to say "no" in the audience, I thought the night went well otherwise and a lot of people came to this show especially as this was their preferred venue.


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