These Machines Cut Razor Wire 2012

Benefit for the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre
with MCs Denise Hylands/Les Thomas, The Cartridge Family, Kate Walker, Tully Sumner, Fraser A. Gorman, Nigel Wearne and the Cast Iron Promises, Alex Hallahan and the Woodland Hunters, Uncle Bill, Bell St Delays, Jed Rowe Band, The Stetson Family, Jeff Lang, Melbourne Mass Gospel Choir
Thornbury Theatre, Sunday 15th April 2012

I wasn't sure I was going to make this gig, especially with the late night I was going to have for 'Somebody to Love' the night before, but the organiser asked if I could make it and Sarah and Suzannah were going to be playing so I thought I should try. I wasn't planning on staying late for it, but would see how I went during the day.

It was great having the Cartridge Family as the house band for the first half, as it reminded me of the "Grand Ole Twang" show and the band seems to have as much fun as the audience. I thought the part where Denise kept trying to go up on stage and the band had just one more song was fun.

Les Thomas, Kate Walker and Tully Sumner did some songs and I thought they went well.

I don't remember seeing Fraser A. Gorman before, but I thought he was good and look forward to seeing him again.

Nigel Wearne and the Cast Iron Promises are another band I keep seeing advertised around town, but I am always busy. They also did a good few songs and Nigel had a message on his guitar in keeping with the theme.

I did notice that the charity and politics behind the issue was explained more at this gig, it is a bit of a different approach from the other ASRC benefit I went to, but it was good to be educated about the issue at the same time.

Alex Hallahan and the Woodland Hunters were a good way to finish of the first half and I ended up going out for a pizza as I wanted a break and to get outside (they gave me the wrong pizza, RRRR!) It was funny seeing the kids run backwards and forwards in front of the stage in the first half, but it was getting late by the break so a lot of them left.

I missed the first spot with Uncle Bill and most of the Bell St Delays while having dinner, but it was good to see the last few songs of theirs.

I should go to see Uncle Bill more often as I thought they did well and I enjoyed seeing Kat Mear play in two different bands on the day.

Jed Rowe Band was interesting, not the least that they had Jeff Lang playing backing guitar, no biggy, just helping out.

The Stetson Family were great and also did an excellent version of "Wagon Wheel" with Uncle Bill and a few other people. I don't know why I don't see they more often.

Jeff Lang was first class and didn't seem as loud as when I last saw him, or at least the bigger space helped the sound spread out more.

Finishing off the night was the Melbourne Mass Gospel Choir with special guest Jeff Lang and then everyone who could fit on stage for the last song. I was planning to slip out early, but ended up staying right until the end. I didn't end up getting home until late as the tram didn't turn up and the next one was at quarter to 11, it was still a great day and they raised a lot of money for the ASRC for only the second gig.


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