The Tote, Baby! 09/12/12

Happy Birthday Gretchen!
with Jacky Winter, Grizzly Jim Lawrie, Livingstone Daises
The Tote, Sunday 9th December 2012

It had been quite a while since the last Cry Baby gig at the Tote, I remember Sarah Carroll and Mick Thomas playing at it back in 2006, so I was looking forward to this as I hadn't seen the Livingstone Daises play in a while.

As it happened it was also the first birthday of Gretchen who had a birthday cake out in the beer garden.

Jacky Winter and Grizzly Jim Winter played first, I thought it was strange they would be also working in the pub on the same day, but that is the usual thing around the place.

The kids were worked up for Jacky Winter, but had mostly run out of puff by the second act.

The Livingstone Daises finished up the day and even had a tiny stage invader, who Van was worried about stepping on. It all finished up around about the time I would usually go to get dinner down the street so it was perfect given I had been up late the previous night.


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