Van Walker 'Undeneath the Radar' CD Launch 27/01/12

with Roesy
Caravan Music Club, Friday 27th January 2012

It doesn't seem like three years since Van Walker had played his own headline gig in Oakleigh. I had missed that one as it was before I had started going that much.

Cheers to Van for letting me eat my dinner in the band room as I usually have it in the empty hall waiting for everyone else to turn up unless it is a quieter night when the others can join me.

I hadn't heard of Roesy before, but he seemed to go well and made a lot of new fans on the night.

Van's new album is a compilation of his past five albums as there are a couple that even I have not bought yet. The night seemed to go fairly quickly and it was over by 11pm. Hopefully there were a lot of people at the John Curtin Bandroom the next night and the rest of the tour for the album goes well.


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